Root Canals in Ridgewood

Toothache? Throbbing pain in your jaw? This may be a sign that you need a root canal. Have no fear! Today, root canal therapy is performed comfortably, often in just one visit. As a general dentist with training in endodontics, Dr. Scherrer can perform root canal therapy right in our Ridgewood dental office. And, Dr. Scherrer actually enjoys this procedure – which allows patients to keep their natural teeth intact!

Dr. Shcerrer has done many hours of continuing education in endodontics. Endodontics is the treatment of any of the pulpy areas of the tooth including root canal procedures. Advanced Dental Care of Ridgewood should be your first stop for root canals in Ridgewood, NJ 07450.

The Only Thing to Fear Is Fear Itself…

Most of the anxiety surrounding root canal therapy stems from a lack of understanding about the actual procedure. A root canal is necessary when the inside of a tooth becomes infected. This can result from a large crack, fracture, trauma or severe decay. Each tooth is an extremely complex unit. If one part of the whole is damaged, it can eventually cause damage to other parts. Your deep inside your teeth, there are bundles of nerves that detect heat and cold. The nerves are housed in canals that run from the roots of your tooth to the softer center or pulp. If any part of your tooth is damaged, bacteria can gain entry into and begin to multiply within your tooth. Bacteria can break down the canal surrounding the nerves making them extremely sensitive. When, this happens, a root canal may be a good dental restoration option.

During a root canal, Dr. Scherrer uses special instruments to clean out the diseased pulp and tooth canal. The affected nerves are remove, and the whole area is sealed with a rubberized material. Once your tooth has been repaired with root canal therapy, the tooth is fitted with a custom-made crown to strengthen the tooth, prevent future breakage, restore full functionality, and ensure that you keep your beautiful smile. We typically place the crown in a second appointment.

Root canals have gotten a bad reputation, but the negativity surrounding them is due in large part to the pain and agony leading up to the actual procedure. Most patients report being pain free within 48 hours of undergoing a root canal.

The root canal preserves natural tooth roots, so the patient won’t need an extraction (ouch!) or a prosthetic tooth. Root canal therapy… fast, comfortable, affordable. Now that’s something to smile about.

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