5 Benefits of Invisalign

Oct 02, 2023
5 Benefits of Invisalign
Do you feel like a straighter, more perfect smile is just out of reach? It’s time to consider Invisalign®. There’s a reason patients and dentists love this proven teeth straightening system. Here are five of the many benefits it has to offer.

It’s hard to beat the confidence that comes from a smile you love. However, very few people naturally have a perfect smile. The good news is this: If you don’t have one, you can get one.

Robert A. Scherrer, DMD, uses Invisalign® at Advanced Dental Care of Ridgewood in Ridgewood, New Jersey, to help people get the smiles of their dreams. If you’ve been on the fence about whether this teeth straightening system is worth the buzz, here are five benefits you should know about.

The basics of Invisalign

Invisalign is a teeth straightening system that uses clear, removable aligners. To get your aligners, Dr. Scherrer scans your mouth, which produces a 3-D model. He then maps out how each tooth needs to be adjusted.

With this information, he orders your customized Invisalign trays. Most patients wear a set of trays for 1-2 weeks before replacing them with the next set in the series. And by the time you take out your last set, you have the smile of your dreams. 

The benefits of Invisalign

There are many benefits when it comes to Invisalign. Here are just five of them:

1. Invisalign uses proven technology

When you want results, you need to turn to the best — and that’s where Invisalign’s cutting-edge technology comes in. It starts with their iTero Element® scanner, which makes a 3-D model of your teeth, and the aligners use Invisalign’s exclusive SmartTrack® system. 

This advanced technology ensures you get fine-tuned aligners that can exert the gentle but consistent force that is required to shift your teeth into their ideal positions. And the system is far more comfortable than getting traditional braces.

2. Invisalign delivers quicker results

No one wants to spend year after year dealing with braces, and with Invisalign, you don’t have to.

Invisalign’s advanced technology offers results faster than traditional braces. Why? They exert pressure on all of the teeth that need moving at the same time, which shifts them into position faster than traditional methods. 

3. Invisalign solves numerous issues, even complex ones

If you think Invisalign can only fix minor issues, we’ve got great news for you. Dr. Scherrer uses them for everything from mild to complex problems. This is possible because of Invisalign’s SmartForce® technology. 

These attachments help Dr. Scherrer make intricate and complicated movements for a single tooth or several. And, there are no brackets or wires, which are needed with traditional braces.

4. Invisalign doesn’t come with any surprises

Invisalign’s technology can provide dramatic results when straightening teeth, but it comes with an added perk; you can see the final result before you begin treatment.

After creating the 3-D model of your teeth with the iTero Element scanner, Dr. Scherrer maps out your entire treatment plan. He can then tell you how many aligner sets you’ll need and show you what your smile will look like by the end of your treatment. 

5. Invisalign offers discreet solutions

As if the first four benefits weren’t enough, there’s one more — they call them “Invisalign” for a reason.

The removable aligners are clear, which means most people won’t notice them. So, whether you’re an adult who wants a perfect smile or a self-conscious teen, you can achieve your goals discreetly.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of Invisalign for yourself? Learn more by calling 201-670-0670 or by booking an appointment online with Advanced Dental Care of Ridgewood today.