Fillings Services offered IN Ridgewood, NJ

Fillings services offered in Ridgewood, NJ

Fillings are among the most common dental restorations in the nation and an area of specialty for Robert A. Scherrer, DMD, and the team at Advanced Dental Care of Ridgewood. Many residents of  Ridgewood, New Jersey, rely on the practice for beautiful and affordable fillings. When you’re ready to learn more, call the office to book a visit or schedule online in just a few clicks. 

Fillings Q&A

What are dental cavities?

Cavities, also called dental caries, are small holes in the outermost layers of your teeth. They develop when plaque builds up on the surface of your teeth. The acids in plaque eat away at your tooth enamel, eventually moving into the dentin layer. 

Once cavities penetrate your enamel, they’ll continue to advance into the deeper layers of your teeth. The only way to address the problem is with a filling, and catching cavities in the earliest stages means preserving more of your natural tooth tissue. 

How do fillings repair dental decay?

Fillings first remove all traces of decayed tooth tissue and then replace that tissue with a strong material that seals the cavity. The process begins with X-rays or other imaging to better understand how far the cavity reaches your tooth.

You have options regarding the material used in your dental fillings. Metal amalgam is an affordable option, but it is highly visible when you speak and laugh. Many people prefer tooth-colored fillings made of composite resin material or porcelain. 

Precious metals are also an option. People who choose gold or silver fillings prefer the aesthetic appeal these metals deliver. 

On the day of your procedure, an injection of numbing medication ensures you rest comfortably throughout the treatment. Your dentist removes the decayed tooth tissue and ensures the area is clean and free of any debris. 

The next step involves applying the filling material, ensuring the cavity is completely filled in. Finally, polishing the surface area creates a smooth finish. In the case of tooth-colored fillings, the material is shaded to match the color of your natural teeth and is virtually invisible. 

Is the process of getting dental fillings painful?

Thanks to advancements in dental technology, today’s fillings are painless, safe, and durable. You may feel a pinch or stinging sensation as your dentist places the numbing injection, but from that point on, there is no discomfort. 

If you notice any discomfort in the area surrounding your new filling, let your dentist know. Fillings should not create any pain, including after they’re placed. 

When you’re ready to learn more about dental fillings, call the office to schedule a visit or book online in just a matter of moments.